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  • Agile: Use This Flexible Management Style To Transform Your Team’s Productivity

    Agile is more than a management methodology. It’s a whole philosophy that promotes a radically different approach to the framework. In this sense, Agile is not about “management” at all, but about working without leaders, but with a team whose members are responsible to each other. That is, “horizontal” instead of “vertical.” Don’t let work […]

  • The Ultimate Guide To Enterprise Project Management

    In these turbulent times, there is hardly any industry that isn’t struggling while trying to adjust to the social distancing norms enforced to prevent the spread of COVID19. Enterprises around the globe are also facing a unique set of challenges. The biggest one amongst these challenges is to ensure that every employee has access to […]

  • How to Improve Customer Retention for SaaS Companies

    A vast majority of companies spend most of their money on generating new leads and spreading their brand awareness. Millions of dollars are invested in comprehensive marketing campaigns, SEO, social media strategies, and more. While all these are crucial for attracting new customers, they won’t help you retain them. But, why are we talking about […]

  • How to Keep Up Stellar Project Management Work When in Stress

    Here’s something we can both agree on: Management is hard, and project managers are extremely busy people. Creating and updating schedules, participating in multiple calls, interacting with project team members, talking to vendors, attending endless online and real-life meetings — it’s just the tip of the iceberg we see when speaking about a project manager’s […]

  • The Untapped Powers of a Motivated Team (and how to unleash them)

    A champion team will always beat a team of champions. — John McGrath Whenever I read such quotes about motivation, I am instantly reminded of what a motivated team, with a mission at hand and a vision in the head, can achieve. And how much, a team with lackluster motivation can bite its own tail. […]