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  • Smart Supervising Strategies To Lead Your Team to Success

    Being a business owner, a project manager, or a department head is both rewarding and challenging. It is rewarding because you wake up every day to new opportunities for improving lives, particularly your employees’ and clients’ lives. But then that can be a lot of weight to carry on your shoulders. No matter how many […]

  • Seven Secret Tricks To Turn “SLUGGISH” Employees Into A Productive Workforce

    “The problem with lethargy is that doing nothing validates the fear that nothing could be done.” — Bill Crawford With all due respect to employers around the world, employees can’t perform like a workhorse running on Energizer batteries all the time. I know productivity is the key word (or maybe it’s the only word) in […]

  • The Platinum Rule: Treating Employees How they Want to be Treated

    We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have them do to you. Since we were children, we’ve been taught that this is the absolute best way to ensure that your actions are considerate and helpful within your relationships. However, the Golden Rule has its limitations. It may not […]