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Performers Resource Capitalization Courses provide self paced instruction and resources for Reg CF and REG A+ compliance, included a self administered REG CF for up to 5 million a year in capitalization.

Here’s how our 3 step Reg CF or REG A + process works

The army of Programmers at Performers Resource are incredible! They integrated everything here and much more into the Performers Resource System. And Members have access to them all!


Innovator, Entrepreneur, Originator, Founder, President, CEO, I am where the Buck started and I am where the buck stops,


Investor, Professional Management, C Suite, Marketer, Designer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Advisors, Board members, Consultants,

1 Performer x 0 Resource equals Zero

0 Performer x 1 Resource equals Zero

1 Performer x 1 Resource equals


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