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Creating Quizzes

Michael Noel June 24, 2021


Quizzes can be added to lessons & topics, or as a final quiz to the course itself. Any combination of these will work. You can create new quizzes directly from the course builder, or pull in existing quizzes you’ve already created.

Course quizzes are located at the bottom of the course builder, under the “FINAL QUIZZES” heading. Lesson & topic quizzes can be found within the lesson/topic that they belong to.

Create New Quizzes

  1. Navigate to the lesson/topic where you want to add a quiz (or simply scroll to the “FINAL QUIZZES” section at the bottom)
  2. Click the “New Quiz” link
  3. Type the name of your quiz
  4. Hit ENTER, or click the “Add Quiz” button

Add Existing Quizzes

Shared Course Steps must be enabled or existing lessons, topics, and quizzes will not be available for selection.

Your existing quizzes can be found in the “Quizzes” box in the sidebar. By default, your most recent quizzes are shown, but you can click “View all” to see all quizzes, or use the search box to find a specific quiz by title.

There are multiple ways to add existing quizzes.

Add a single quiz: Hover over a quiz in the quiz box and click the “Add” button.

Add multiple quizzes: Select the checkbox next to multiple quizzes, and then click the “Add Selected” button.