EMPATHY should become part of your leadership now

EMPATHY Should Become Part Of Your Leadership Now

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While many leaders may think managing millennials is just like managing a baby boomer, it’s not. However, they may still be treated the same way. So, it is inevitable to feel disconnected, unappreciated and unrecognized. While a baby boomer might not dig flexibility, seek stability, and also believe in a hierarchical structure, millennials seek understanding, engagement and want their voice to be heard as equals.

When people do not feel engaged with their leader, they do not put as much effort into their work.

The disconnect, further, becomes the fuel for demotivation. Teams tend to be disloyal to their leaders and thus may also shirk work.

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How to fill the gap of disconnect?

EMPATHY will fill the gap.

The motive here is to not have this agenda of getting work done at any cost. In case the leader is projecting this idea, one in three workers will go for a more compassionate environment. And, you can’t lose your star performers because of that.

When I asked how a new employee at work is doing till date, here’s what their senior told me:

“I know speeding up the learning process is part of my job. However, to lose patience when someone is not following my tightly planned schedule doesn’t seem right to me. I think my impatience would show a lack of impulse control. I am thinking of a calmer approach where I ask if he needs any help. Chances are, he’s stuck on something he can’t seem to get past. I am going to figure it out before I explain my concerns about the delay. It has to be a two-street way.”

To be honest, I was happy. I knew that way, as a leader, she will create a team that would walk over hot coals for her.

Empathy breeds trust and engagement.

If you want loyalty from your team, you need to increase employee engagement. Considering their idea doesn’t mean you have to agree! But you need to listen anyway. While to be fully invested in such emotions might be folly, you can show support when it’s needed.

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It’d be good to notice and ask yourself, “Why does he seem so quiet today? Maybe I should just ask if he is okay,” sometimes. It’s these little things that count.

Great leaders are keener to make micromanagement a thing of the past. Be one of them! Start managing teams and projects with ProofHub.

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